NGY water based digital glaze, lead the future!
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During June 18th to 22nd , NGY again particiapetd CERAMICS CHINA fair in Guangzhou.

Again NGY surprised us with its Red box looking, modern and mystical.

Of course, the products themselves were more surprising than the stall.

his time mainly three different products have been introduced in the show,
including high light product: water based digital glaze,
key product: inclusion inks, traditional product: inclusion pigments.

Water based digital glaze is a revolutionary glaze product with new technology, which makes fully digital printing possible. 


Simplify the glaze process

Make intelligent glazing line

Precise printing , slim glazing, non-glaze looking, allow more vivid designs

Enhance coloring effects

Eco-friendly, consumption saving, energy saving,

NGY inclusion inks are Cadmium Selenide based inks, made with Inclusion technology, specially good for high temperature products, like Fully polished glazed tiles, Glaze virtrifed tiles, porcelain tiles and etc. NGY inclusion inks have been introduced to China market for more than 3 years, running with around 500 digital machines, taking the majority market of above 90% in its field. Most of major tile brands in China are using NGY inclusion inks. 

NGY inclusion pigments refers to Cadmium Selenide ceramic pigments wrapped in the highly stable material, Zirconium Silicate. With qualities such as high stability, high temperature resistance and intense pigmentation, inclusion pigments are widely used in tableware, building, artistic ceramics and other ceramic products.

The new products attracted the eyes of visitors from all over the world,
like from India, Vietnam, Thailand,Indonesia, Bangladesh,Pakistan, Iran, Italy, Spain, Poland and etc.

The first company in the world to produce and introduce dry mix pigments to the global market

The first company in China to produce Tomato Red body stains

The first company in China to produce Sinopia Red body stains

The first company in the world who made inclusion red inks possible

The innovation is in NGY’s blood, NGY will never stop its innovative steps in ceramic industrials. .

Let’s see what’s the next boom.